Week 9 & 10

Hello all,

We have a new design for MIX ! As proposed by mentors, we have a new implementation scheme for MIX involving MIX Registry, which will have access to all MIX objects for successfully joined channels. 

The new design allows requesting a MIX Registry from Client and detecting whether local server is supported.  It also adds XMPPRoster to be a part of MIXRegistry. A standard roster encoding is as follows:
<item jid='romeo@example.net'/>
However, if a roster item is a MIX channel, the new encoding will be :
<item jid='balcony@example.net'>
    <channel xmlns=‘urn:xmpp:mix:roster:0'/>
Based on this, we now define a channel to be successfully joined or left based on the presence of channel JID in the user's roster. If a channel is successfully joined, a roster encoding with a channel element is added to user's roster. Similarly, when channel is left, roster encoding is removed from user's roster. 

In the upcoming weeks, I will update limber to have minor support for MIX and test my implementation against it.


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